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Convention Information 2019

Continental Breakfast and Friends…

Coffee, tea and a variety of breakfast delights will be available both days at Lord Beaverbrook, Central Memorial and Lord Shaughnessy.

Lunch (Thursday & Friday) Main Venue Only

Lord Beaverbrook:  Lunch will be available for purchase in the cafeteria on Thursday and Friday.

Meet & Greet Your Board of Directors

On Friday morning at Lord Beaverbrook High School, please join us from 7:45 am to 8:45 am for a Meet and Greet Breakfast with our Board of Directors.

SA Director / Exhibitor Tables – Lord Beaverbrook

SA’s member gift appreciation table manned by our Directors in the main foyer and Exhibitor tables will be located in the main level library.

Door Prizes

Door prizes will be awarded at 12:30 pm both days at Lord Beaverbrook.  Winners will be announced over the school PA system.

Other venues will also have door prize draws.

Share Your Thoughts on Employee Engagement

You’ll notice a few employees wandering around with iPads during convention breaks. They’re members of the Communications and Engagement Services team, who are looking for feedback on employee engagement and internal communications here at the CBE. The information you share will help to inform a system-wide internal communication and recognition strategy. If you have a few minutes to spare, please watch for them and share your thoughts

Article 10 – Attending SA’s Convention

Article 10 – Staff Association Convention
10.1 Continuous and term-specific employees will be allowed two (2) days, with pay, to attend the annual Staff Association Convention unless operational/work requirements prevent the absence from work of an employee for both days, in which case the employee will be allowed at least one (1) day, with pay, to attend.  Employees not required to work either of the days of the Staff Association Convention shall not be entitled to receive additional compensation for time spent at the Staff Association Convention. 

Please note:  Continuous employees – if you are not at work you are expected to attend Convention.  If you are not at Convention, you need to have made alternate arrangements with your immediate supervisor as you are paid for the two days during Convention.