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FYI #6

Message from the Chair; Staff Association Summer Hours; 2016 Convention; Applying for Employment Insurance

Ratification Results

The Memorandum of Agreement between the CBE and Staff Association for new one-year contracts retroactive to September 1, 2014 was ratified by a 98% majority of MAIN body members and 100% of PSS members attending the March 9th ratification meetings.  We are pleased to report that the CBE Trustees unanimously ratified the agreement on March 17th.

The delay in reporting the results of our ratification was at the request of CBE to facilitate the Trustees dealing with their ratification and communication strategy in advance of it going public.

Now that both parties have ratified the agreements, we will be working with CBE to finalize various implementation matters such as the timing and method of retro payments and the retroactive application of other new provisions.  We will provide that information to you as soon as it is available.  Please click on the links below to view copies of the Summary of the Terms of Settlement for both Main Body and PSS Members:


CBE Staff Association Scholarship Award

Staff Association is once again awarding Scholarships through EducationMatters for our members’ children currently in grade 12 to use toward their post-secondary education.  We are offering four (4) scholarships at $1,500.00 each based on financial need and three (3) additional scholarships at $1,000.00 each.  Please click on the link ( to access EducationMatters application page.  Scroll down the page to retrieve our information (CBE Staff Association Award (With Application).  Please note that applications must be received at Staff Association by Friday, May 29th, 2015 for parent/guardian verification.