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Pension Information

Breaking News around Bill 9

The Public Sector Pension Plans Amendment Act
The provincial government has made a decision to refer Bill 9 to an all-party committee for further consultation and review this summer. This review is to include public consultation.
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Letter to Premier Hancock from Mayor Nenshi re proposed pension plan reforms (pdf)

7 Tips For Having A Great Meeting With Your MLA

For those of you that are interested, please see these tips for having a great meeting with your MLA.

URGENT for all Staff Association Members Enrolled in LAPP

Important Message from our Coalition for Pensions MLA Lobby Campaign Team

Yesterday, the Alberta government introduced Bill 9. The Bill enables them to reduce your benefits under public sector pension plans and insulate themselves from resulting lawsuits.
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LAPP Legislation Changes

Staff Association has joined with other labour groups across the province to oppose the Provincial Government’s Legislation changes to pension plans such as the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP).  Click here to read.